Rooney Holdings Ltd
Cookes Showroom and Warehouse

‘Another well-oiled project’ was the result of a successful collaboration between Thompson Construction and Rooney Earthmoving completed in May 2019. 
Cookes, a premier supplier of mission-critical advanced cords and ropes to the fishing industry, took the opportunity to be located on a larger commercial site in Washdyke.
The conceptual vision for the project is attributed to Les Buckingham of Rooney’s, with Thompson responsible for the developed design, fabrication and construction which can now be seen in the flesh on Seadown Road. 
The building boasts plenty of indoor space for servicing of nets and wire ropes. Features such as the corrugated iron profiled precast panels at the front provide a strong and robust cladding system. Cookes’ strong affiliation with the fishing industry is reflected upon when entering the building with a large steel gantry which symbolises the rear of a fishing trawler arching over the entrance.

06 Jun 2019
Commercial, Industrial
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