Tricroft Properties Ltd
IPLEX Pipelines Development

Heavy reliance on yard space made this unique project different to most. The Tricroft Properties build, initiated by owner David Williams, had complex civil requirements to be undertaken before a finished site could be handed over to their leasing clients Iplex Pipelines NZ Ltd. Iplex, who are owned by Fletcher Holdings Ltd moved into the site after the 18 week project concluded.

With a large industrial land area of 18923m² – sealed with 2000m² concrete and 14000m² commercial asphalt meant stormwater treatment was key to the project, therefore, the inclusion of a large swale was integral which is situated at the rear of the site. The site is accentuated by two buildings, the first of which is a 270m² oil store and the second a 340m² building for housing raw materials. ACL (Ashburton Contractors Ltd) were engaged for siteworks.

Iplex’s new site is located in the Ashburton Business Estate at the north end of town. Their business fabricates super-long pvc pipes which are efficient for use in irrigation as less joining is required on site resulting in less chance of leakages and maintenance downtime.

31 Oct 2019
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