NZ Cultural Heritage Trust
Private Collection Storage Shed

NZCHC Trust worked with Thompson Construction to bring a dream of theirs to life – preserving vintage machinery and vehicles for future generations to enjoy. A new structure is standing proud at the northern end of Geraldine and spans an impressive 70m, the rapidly built construction is a visible landmark against the skyline.

“Blown away with the speed of construction, the standard of workmanship and the attitude of the guys onsite” were the comments made by the Trust regarding this project that was constructed between March and August 2019.

The on site build time was positively decreased with the prefabrication of all elements resulting in the shed appearing literally in a matter of weeks. This storage facility features an internal fire rated archives room consisting of precast walls and a fire rated door. The building has been internally fitted with facilities for administration and volunteers.

This project has been a long-held dream for the Trust whom has attempted to get it off the ground in other locations. A combination of the trustees’ motivation and Thompson determination to find a way over hurdles as they arose, whilst maintaining group focus, allowed this ambition to become a reality.

31 Aug 2019
Storage Shed
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