Mt Hutt Properties
Rural Transport Coolstore

Located at the existing Rural Transport yard in the Ashburton Business Park, Mt Hutt Properties new cool store features three separate multi-purpose cool rooms currently utilised for storage seed potatoes.

Designed specifically for the client’s intended purpose, including ease of logistics and access, the cool rooms maintain a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius and feature fire resistant insulated panels, in conjunction with a liner wire heat detection alarm system designed to be used in cool storage facilities.

The external steel superstructure and roof system were constructed by Thompson and provide weather protection for the chiller panel. The internal walls are free from obstruction and maximise the storage space. The partition walls are self-supporting which ensure horizontal or vertical steel does not impede on storage capacity.

This new structure covers an area of 2367m2 and reaches 10.863m in height with access granted through three sliding doors. Seamless communication with refrigeration suppliers and electrical subcontractors meant that critical construction deadlines were met with ease.

31 Mar 2020
Commercial, Industrial
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