Business is booming at Washdyke

News Business is booming

The first business in a new Timaru complex has opened in a part of town a developer says is "growing and has huge potential".
Robert Harris has opened at the retail development at 209 Hilton Highway, on the former Seedlands site, at the turnoff to Pleasant Point on State Highway 1.
The first tenant of the complex, its franchisee Brendon Soal​ said he, and wife Maxine, had chosen to open the cafe at the site because of the growth in the area.

The development has been overseen by Hilton Nominees Ltd. The group's chairman Ken Buckingham said Washdyke was "a growing area with huge potential".
Another touting the area's potential is Alpine Energy chief executive Andrew Tombs who has seen Washdyke grow extensively over the past few years.Proof of this was in the "several million dollars" the company has spent, installing four new high-voltage, underground electrical cable circuits to guarantee energy security to the ever-expanding industrial enclave in Washdyke this year.
The company also has several parcels of land to lease in Washdyke which he was confident would be leased within the next few years "given the level of enquiries" into them, he said.

Traffic monitoring at three Washdyke sites also suggests an increase in traffic volume in the area.
Buckingham said opening the first business in the 1100sq m building which was built by South Canterbury firm Thompson Construction and Engineering, had been an exciting part of the project.

The land the building is on has been owned by a group of shareholders, mostly South Canterbury-based, since 2007.
The building has room for three other retail premises.
He said there had been "strong interest" in the remaining spots but they were yet to be leased.
"Now that people can see what we're building we expect the interest to increase," he said.
He expected the rest of the building to be completed in late January.
Buckingham said the area had huge potential for development.
"The whole area[of Washdyke] is growing," he said.

The Soals had moved from Ashburton to open the cafe and said the location of the Washdyke complex had been a big attraction.
Meanwhile, Tombs said Alpine had three parcels of land that were "up for anyone that would like to lease them".
There had already been interest in the sites beside Elginshire St, and he expected them to be occupied within the next few years.
"It's prime real estate and empty land," Tombs said.
Alpine also had a parcel of land towards Hilton Highway. The future of this land was still to be decided.
"We could look to sell that land at some stage," he said.
Tombs said the underground cable circuits were to boost the supply of power going into Washdyke.
"It's increasing the capacity," he said.
"Every year we look at our network and the pockets of activity. Redruth, Rangitata, Mackenzie, Tekapo and Twizel have all been growing as well."
Information provided by South Canterbury NZ Transport Agency maintenance contract manager John Keenan shows that annual average daily traffic on Hilton Highway just north of State Highway 8 increased from 11,768 in 2012 to 12,986 in 2016, on the highway just south of Washdyke Creek Bridge from 16,620 in 2012 to 18,309 in 2016 and from 16,797 in 2012 to 18,217 between Blair and Bridge streets.


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