Alpine Energy Project: Alpine Energy Corporate Head Office
Category: Commercial
Description: Offices, Control Room, Meeting Rooms, Staff kitchen facilities
Duration: February 2017 - In Construction
  • Designed for acoustic performance
  • Large open foyer and wind lobby
  • Cross Laminated Timber safe path ceilings, floors and walls

Heli Sales Project: Heli Sales Christchurch
Category: Commercial
Description: Hangar Extension
Duration: February 2017 - August 2017
  • Two bay extension to existing building

Harrax Project: Harrex Properties Workshop Timaru
Category: Commercial
Description: Workshop & Offices
Duration: January 2017 - October 2017
  • Full height, fire rated Precast walls
  • 6 bay workshop with roller doors
  • Internal 'H' shaped service pit
  • Offices

Vendella Project: Vendella Office Shed 1
Category: Commercial
Description: Offices
Duration: July 2017 - In Construction
  • Raking Ceiling
  • Timber feature wall in entrance
  • Sheltered outdoor area
  • Large meeting/board room

Cavalier woolscourers Project: Cavalier Woolscourers Extension
Category: Industrial
Description: Warehouse Extension
Duration: June 2017 - September 2017
  • Designed to accommodate triangular shape of existing building and gable

Tricroft Precision Project: Tricroft Properties Precision House
Category: Commercial
Description: Workshop and Offices
Duration: February 2017 - June 2017
  • 2 x 10 tonne, single border beam gantry cranes with 25m span
  • 8m knee height 
  • 6.9m hook height

Craighead2 Project: Craighead Gymnasium
Category: Commercial/Community
Description: School Gymnasium with overlooking office
Duration: March 2017 - In Construction
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Fixed bleachers
  • Internal storage under bleachers
  • Climbing wall
  • Large shower and toilet block
  • Classroom

Hilton Haulage2 Project: Hilton Haulage Store Shed
Category: Industrial
Description: Bulk Storage
Duration: August 2017 - In Construction
  • 5882m² area
  • 10m eave height
  • Tru-Docks to meet MPI requirements 
  • Post-tensioned floor slab
  • Full height precast fire rated walls 240/240/240

Hilton nominees Project: Hilton Nominees
Category: Commercial
Description: Lease tenancy including Robert Harris Cafe
Duration: September 2017 - In Construction
  • Open, clear span
  • Partition walls can be placed where desired
  • Meeting room facilities 
  • Architecturally designed 
  • Flexible to suit tenancy needs

Waipounamu Project: Waipounamu North Harbour Rentals
Category: Commercial
Description: Vehicle Rental, lease and purchase facility and office
Duration: March 2017 - In Construction
  • Internal wash bay
  • Workshop
  • 2 storey offices
  • Canopy for drop off/pick up

Waste Management2 Project: Waste Management Oamaru
Category: Industrial
Description: Offices, Weighbridge and Refuse Station
Duration: October 2016 - May 2017
  • Durable Precast walls for industrial equipment and vehiles
  • Office renovation and precast extension
  • 848m² transfer station
  • 1150m² building 
  • 9.9m eave height

Prospect No.3 Project: Prospect NZ No 3 Oamaru
Category: Industrial
Description: Bulkstore
Duration: January 2017 - April 2017
  • Precast panels
  • Coloursteel cladding
  • Bulkstorage
  • 5633m² area
  • 7m eave height

Mount Hutt Properties Bulkstore Project: Mt Hutt Properties Bulkstore
Category: Industrial
Description: Bulkstore
Duration: August 2016 - April 2017
  • Bulkstorage with canopy area
  • Full height, fire rated precast panels on three out of four walls
  • Full height precast panel interior division wall
  • Walls designed to withstand the weight of bulk product
  • 4000m² area

NZ Dairy 1 copy Project: NZ Dairy Collaborative Warehouse, Offices and Tower
Category: Commercial
Description: Goat milk infant formula plant, Warehouse and Offices
Duration: February 2016 - in construction
  • Loading docks
  • Industrial plant
  • Open mezzanine floor
  • 20m high, multi-level tower for housing plant and processing machinery
  • Blending room
  • Packing room
  • Storage rooms
  • Attached offices