Precast Concrete

Thompson Precast Concrete


Thompson has your precast solution:

  • Agricultural
  • Commerical
  • Industrial


  • Y Panels
  • Flat Panels
  • Concrete Bases
  • Effluent Storage Pits
  • Solid Bunkers

Y Panels

Thompson Y Panels are structurally engineered and reinforced with high-tensile steel making them strong and able to withstand New Zealand farming conditions.

Do you have changing needs? Y panels are easy to move with your own machinery and in your own time.

  • Free standing
  • Fast installation
  • Prevents product clinging to the sides
  • Use inside or out
  • Prevent feed contamination

Y Panel StorageY Panel Tractor ThumbnailY Panel Inside Storage Thumbail

Flat Panels

Do you need a permanent storage solution? Thompson Flat Panels are structurally engineered to suit your requirements. Build high and wide depending on your circumstances.

Flat Panels are weather proof and durable to withstand tough farming conditions.

  • Permanent
  • External use
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to feed out from
  • Protects from contamination

Flat Panels Van Leeuwen Empty ThumbnailFlat Panels Van Leeuwen Full ThumbnailFlat Panels Van Leeuwen Thumbnail





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