Hilton Haulage

Recently on Port Hills Road, Hillsborough, we have undertaken a project for Hilton Haulage that was required to meet MPI food storage regulations. The 4141m² warehouse features a post tensioned floor to elimate the need for control cuts in the concrete, which gives them assurance they will meet the standards required.

On the side of the warehouse is a 1740m² lean-to for unloading containers through six TRU-DOCKTM Loading Docks. These are designed to protect loading areas, increase safety and improve loading area efficiencies.

A partition wall separates the warehouse and lean-to inclusive of three high speed roller doors and a precast walkway for pedestrians for protection from loading machinery.

An interesting feature is the rapid riser roller door on the warehouse western end gable which is connected to the alarm system and opens on activitation for the release of smoke during a fire. The 240/240/240 fire rating of the western gable wall ensures the protection of neighbouring property.

The 10m eave height provides plenty of clearance under the trusses for operating machinery and storage up to 7.5m for palletised product.


01 Nov 2017
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"Our working partnership with Thompson has been built on a foundation of excellent outcomes. They bring a level of client side understanding that sets them apart from the others. On this project they proved invaluable, ensuring functional design, a smooth approval process and an overall build that directly aligned with our specific requirements. We congratulate the team on a job well done and we look forward to working with Thompson again.”

Peter Anderson - Director, Hilton Haulage