Rooney Earthmoving

Rooney Earthmoving Bulkstores

These projects are bulkstore heaven for a construction company such as Thompson.  All based in Washdyke close to our workshops has proven very efficient for both parties.  To date we are tallying seven individual clearspan buildings with the largest at 67m wide and a floor area of 15000 m2.  Others vary from 50m in length to the largest at 230m.

The wide-open areas and high eave heights make the manoeuvring of large vehicles efficient, resulting in easy offloading and quick turnaround for trips to and from the Port.   Rooney’s have maximised bulk storage within South Canterbury, being the largest local bulk storage operator.

Each building is constructed from heavy steel and precast concrete all manufactured in our own plants based here in Washdyke and are built to what is now  proven cost effective, a structurally strong building design and provide for a range of bulk products storage varying from fertiliser through to various stock feeds.

These Large builds have some great facts:

- Clear span;  up to 67m wide with no columns, being the width of a Rugby Field
- Length; the longest being 230m long which is the equivalent of 2 Rugby fields.
- Height; internal head height of over 9m allowing for the tipping of truck and trailer units
- Strength; heavy bulk storage capabilities providing Rural sector with the security of having well stored product
- Precast; cantilevered precast panels on the external walls providing the option having product pushed up against them plus the added bonus of keeping the rodents out.
- Durability; specialised paint system on the steel adding projection against corrosive product types
- Manoeuvrability; plenty of space to ensure quick turnaround of bulk trucks and other large vehicles 

Not only are these Large Storage Facilities currently helping to provide the security of storage for our region’s growth, but will do well into the future, as due to their size, this flexibility will provide options of storage as markets change.

We believe their robustness and strength like all our builds is a reflection of what we provide every day for every client on every scale.
Washdyke, Timaru
01 Oct 2018
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