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Maximize your efficiency with a specialised industrial building to suit your needs and requirements

Thompson Construction & Engineering work closely with their clients to come up with the most practical and cost effective building solution. The Thompson realistic approach helps clients receive a functional, high quality, purpose built building to suit their needs.

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Thompson builds big sheds and they also specialize in internal purpose designed structures to suit your needs:

  • Gantry Cranes
  • Internal Walls. Precast, half height or full height
  • Service Pits. Specific depth and width
  • Mezzanine Floor. Rrecast or steel purlins for high kpa loads
  • Specialised racking systems. To fit your products for storage or display
  • Health and Safety. Railing and painted walkways
  • Sliding roofs and huts 
  • Dangerous goods store for small or large storage
Dangerous Good 1  Dangerous Good 2 
Dangerous Goods Store  
Mezzanine 1  Mezzanine 2
Mezzanine Floors  
Gantry 1  Mezzanine and gantry
Gantry Cranes  
Service Pit  Service pit 2
Service pits  
Racking 1  Racking 2
Specalized Racking  
Sliding Sheds  Specialist
Sliding Sheds Specialized building
platform 3  Precast
Platforms Precast mezzanine and chimneys
Bollard  Underfloor duct
Bollard Underfloor Duct