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Have Thompson construct your building project

Thompson Construction & Engineering use heavy machinery and modern equipment operated by well trained, experienced staff. These key factors result in a fast and efficient build.

  • Onsite construction - experienced in a wide range of materials, particularly steel, precast and concrete
  • Carpentry - specialised in commercial offices with qualified carpenters
  • Licensed Building Practitioners

Save money and time

With a practical and 'down to earth' attitude Thompson applies a cost effective construction method providing a reliable service and a high quality product.

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Committed to Health and Safety

Thompson is committed to Health and Safety by using modern equipment and a high level of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). 

Thompson achieved Tertiary Level Accreditation for ACC WSMP (Workplace Safety Management Practices) in August 2014. We are proud of our commitment to the wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors.


Thompson Construction & Enginering
Have your project designed by their in-house design team and your steel and precast panels fabricated by Thomspon Construcion, Engineering & Precast